Ever wondered what it would take to replace organic fuels such as oil, gasoline, coal and natural gas with

ground based solar PV to power our world of energy and transportation, if so, take a look at what this

energy footprint would mean utilizing PV's best regionally averaged ideal weather conditions.

You may click U.S. State Footprints above for examples.

Our world is racing toward utter energy resource depletion.

Our world needs final energy solutions this half century.

Get it wrong and next century will be unforgiving.

The worst threat this century is complacency.

The world runs out of oil in 43 years.   Worldometers

If ideal weather could power the world it would've already been done.

Our world energy demand cannot rely on ideal weather.

"Sustainability" in terms of energy is a foolish word if it can't meet demand.

More than likely, you wouldn't deforest the world to power it up. 

The search for nothing less than reliable final "sustainable" energy solutions is over.

If you're interested to know what they are drop us a line.

Attempting to transmit converted solar energy from space to Earth equivalent to 1,000 megawatts

produces an electric wave approximately 35 miles across heading to Earth's surface.

188 countries have less oil than the U.S. consumes in one year.

143 countries have less oil than the U.S. consumes in ten days.

127 countries have less oil than the U.S. consumes in one day.

There are solutions before hoarding begins.

After hoarding begins you'd be too late, and everyone else.

In highly developed countries infrastructure replacements require approximately 35 years. 


Earth's climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years.

​It will continue to change, always.

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One in five humans do not have access to electricity.

Final Energy Solutions