Quito, Ecuador near the Equator to Los Angeles, California

Mexico City, Mexico near the Tropic of Cancer to Los Angeles, California

In the future we can't just shutdown parts of our energy world because of less than ideal weather.

Standard fire combustion, nuclear and hydroelectric energy does not have the luxury of total world generating backups.

This is exactly what solar PV would have to do when you finally know the truth about replacing our world energy needs with solar PV.

To compensate for dark hours solar PV installations would have to expand land mass arrays exponentially to meet energy replacement demands.

However, no matter how much expansive land considerations that's required to replace our current energy needs PV can never store what it doesn't have.

During any day where the sun only splashes between 2 to 8.9 useful solar hours prohibitive land PV over-build will never be a reliable world energy replacement solution.

In addition, keep in mind that voltage drop (line resistance) causes energy transmission line losses of between 7% to 10% per 100 miles.


One world leader has said, "If I had it to do over, I would start at the equator and build solar around the world." - to supply electricity to the world.

Due to voltage drop no electric transmission from Quito, Ecuador could make the 3,500 mile transmission to Los Angeles, California.

Along the Tropic of Cancer near La Paz (Mexico - Baja California Sur) would also have an 850 mile transmission journey to Los Angeles.

From Mexico City, which is also near the Tropic of Cancer, would have a 1,550 mile transmission journey to Los Angeles.​

Nowhere within equatorial regions could generated electricity make it to the United States for useful electric power utilizing currently available technology.

Distance from Los Angeles to La Paz (Mexico - Baja California Sur)

In addition, the above excludes energy-in to acquire PV resources to provide the energy of today to our world resulting in massive net energy losses.

Distance from Los Angeles to Quito Ecuador

Understanding complexities of fuels replacement utilizing solar PV

Distance from Los Angeles to Mexico City

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La Paz, Mexico near the Tropic of Cancer to Los Angeles, California

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